Provided Good Protection for Political Campaign and Candidate

As a part of a political party, I did have the duty to guard the prospective candidate. As we know surveillance cameras are installed everywhere;  from big to a small cities. Those surveillance cameras were indeed capturing our every movement, aware and unaware. Therefore, it’s important to have good protection for the candidate or political campaign. Docugence.com provided the protection for our political campaign and candidate that I was looking for. They even provide evidence about the opposition. With a yearly contract, I could get the ownership of the videos or photos that came from any surveillance camera from all over the States.

Keith Brewer - 


Solved My Divorce Problems.

"Docugence.com really helped me with my divorce, providing the supporting evidence I needed to sort out my case. I was searching all over the internet for such a portal, where I could use all the information and evidence available out there. Instead of risking going into custody by using controversial ways to get all this evidence I needed for my bigger settlement, I trusted docugence.com and now my case is solved successfully. Thank you so much"

George Papas

Divorce Evidence Made the Difference

After two years of trying to make things better, my ex-wife and I decided a divorce was best. Like many others, what I thought was initially going to be a relatively simple and straightforward process instead got a lot more difficult.

When I needed the truth and wasn’t getting any answers, I turned to the pros at Docugence company. Seeking these guys out helped my get the evidence I needed for my specific case. Without their unique talents, I could have potentially had to pay more as a settlement or even worse, lost custody of my two children.

If you think there’s some impropriety or you are being lied to, I wouldn’t hesitate turning to the professionals at Docugence. Discreet and easy to communicate with, I am grateful for the documentation and evidence they were able to procure through their discovery procedures.

When you need some help with your divorce settlement or think that your court case will be a complicated one, see what the guys at Docugence can do for you. I for one am grateful for the job these guys did for my case, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to anyone going through a divorce, messy or not. 


Docugence.com : My Lawyers were Ecstatic with the Evidence.

I was having a hard time getting through a divorce because I found it hard to get support from others. For me it was not only exhausting physically, but also emotionally; the elaborate divorce process confiscated lots of my time. I also had difficulty in finding evidence for the divorce process. Then one friend of mine told me about docugence.com. That this organization can help anyone to get evidence and protection. Within only a week they gave me powerful evidence to support my case. That was amazing because of the capabilities of their suppliers. This is a great site with great help.

Charles Cottingham 


Solved Our Security Problem - Thanks Again

We had a situation of some ongoing illegal activity that was taking place within our corporation, but were unable to figure out who the perpetrators were. The wrongdoing was taking place at multiple locations within our organization, so we knew it was an inside job involving more than one individual. After doing some research online, I discovered Docugence and contacted them in regards to their services. They were able to help provide us with some very interesting information and evidence that we were able to use to zero in on who the sources were and eventually catch them and take appropriate action. Docugence has the suppliers and sources that we would have never been privy to otherwise. As a result, we were able to resolve and clean up our problem and get our business running smoothly again.

T. Carrington

Portland, Or.


The Directors: The Docugence Company

Dear Sirs: 

Re: Digital Security Services Rendered

Having had the opportunity to utilize many of the services rendered by Docugence for quite some time, I feel it my duty to convey my sincere appreciation for the professionalism and continued high standards of service that I have been exposed to and received in transacting with you.

Initially, I came across Docugence while I was researching ways to improve security aspects of operations for some of my clients and Docugence provided the most comprehensive service that I could find. I have since come across quite a few others and have been struck by the various limitations attaching to each service. I have experienced none of these limitations with your service and this left me wondering why these companies are trying to enter the industry at all. Also, I am sure I needn’t mention that there is a huge difference in the rates that attach to your services as opposed to those trying to compete with your company.

Of course, your records will indicate that I was initially quite cautious in dealing with an “internet-based” service as this kind of undertaking in itself can expose a company to certain risks. I was quite impressed by the detailed precautions and technological infrastructure that you have in place to ensure that I can transact with Docugence in complete confidence and not have to be concerned about exposing information through accidental mismanagement by my service provider. That in itself deserves my highest appreciation and is the reason why I am reducing this to writing. Hopefully this will indicate to you that Docugence is on the right track with its services and you are exceeding industry standards and consumer expectations in the way you are doing it. I am certainly benefiting from this in many ways.

It is my pleasure and absolute privilege to freely recommend Docugence to anybody that is concerned with digital evidence in any of the sectors that you cover as I am confident that the level of service they would receive would not expose me to embarrassment and would exceed any expectations they may hold.

As an evidence supplier service that has proven to deliver 100% accurate information and assistance 100% of the time and have done so promptly and professionally, I trust that I will never have occasion to withdraw this compliment. The continued growth of the company that I have observed and the incredibly detailed evidence services you provide will surely continue to exceed my standards and expectations for many, many years to come.


Rudi Prinsloo

Life Coach & Retail Consultant


DOCUGENCE.COM - Thanks! — Solved A Big  Problem

Working with Docugence.com  has been a dream. Finding all the evidence I needed to move forward seemed to come very easy to them because they are skilled professionals with far more knowledge than I had ever expected. I highly recommend these guys to everyone! 

T. Taylor 

Solved My Problem - Overly Grateful

I am very grateful for the services provided by Docugence.com. The information I had asked for was highly sensitive. I was very impressed with their equipment and services. I will definitely be returning for my next project. These guys are true professionals and will amaze you with what they can find out. 

Thanks again! 

Adam Belanger
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