Note to Suppliers

Canada, Western Europe, Australia coming online June 12, 2016

Suppliers Requirements and Agreement

 Submissions of digital media to the Docugence Company constitutes an acceptance of the following agreement with us, for payment of your digital images, video and audio files.

 We work on the “First Come — First Served” basis.

The first supplier to give us evidence in the form of digital images, video or audio, on any given subject, becomes the exclusive supplier of that information. This is only for standard information which is covered by the annual search fee. Only upon the request for a search from a customer, on that particular person or business, is a supplier then entitled to payment. Any duplicate information we receive after that, from another supplier, will be rejected. 

NOTE ! ! ! - We do not accept evidence dealing with violent crime. This information should be turned over to the local police immediately.

Supplier’s Payment

Annual Search Payment
Upon receiving an order for information on a given subject by a customer, based on on annual contract, we will split the  search fee with the supplier of that information on a 50/50 basis. The supplier receives half of the search fee.  This is not dependent on the volume of information supplied about a specific subject. It’s a flat fee. The supplier will be payed in full, within 5 business days of our receipt of payment.

Primary Search Payment
Upon receiving an order for a Primary Search, the supplier will receive 50% of the search fee. This will be paid within 5 days of the Docugence Company receiving payment.

Additional Payment

Submission of any “additional fee” information – where a percentage of fines, rewards or “fair market value” is involved, the supplier of that information will also receive 50% of the additional fee. In the case where this information does not have a customer request, the supplier will be paid 50% of the total we receive for the fine, reward or “fair market price” only. It also gives the Docugence Company exclusive rights to that evidence for 3 years. If the evidence is not sold during this 3 year period, the exclusive rights will return to the supplier. The payment for this information will be within 5 business days of the Docugence Company's receipt of payment.

Any submission of digital images to the Docugence Company, before, or without a customer search request, does not constitute a sale. 

Any images sent to the Docugence Company without prior authorization will not be accepted. It will be discarded for security reasons. All packages sent to the Docugence Company MUST HAVE preassigned supplier ID numbers on them.

Once the supplier submits evidence, the Docugence Company becomes the exclusive owner of those digital images. The supplier gives up any present and future rights to the images. Acknowledgment of this term occurs with the submission of evidence to the Docugence Company by the supplier.

The information we are seeking, as the result of a search request by a customer, will be made available to suppliers through our website, email or various other methods.

COMMISSIONS / AFFILIATES -   We pay $250 for every new customer you obtain for us under the Annual Contract. There is a $50 commission paid for customers on Primary Searches.


All Images must be taken under legal circumstances  — No Exceptions.

Any questions about legal subject matter may be researched at /  or  consult with a lawyer in your state. Any images or recording, not meeting legal requirements, will be rejected.

The initial request of information from a supplier is limited to the following;  (which ever applies to your information)

Images must show activity or event; 
1. (Video Capture (snapshot of image in the video)
2. Photograph (digital) 
3. Photocopy of a particular document.

All images must contain some identifying information. All images must be clear and focused. You must use your Supplier ID code in the email. This will be assigned to you by the Docugence Company.

Images must include the following;

1. For Vehicles — License plate number, make, model, and color.
2. For People— Identifiable / clear image of person
3. Location and Activity must be established in video’s and still images.
4. For a Business — Any information identifying a company or business. (e.g. name on truck)   

 JPEG format is preferred.  Other formats may be accepted.

Always list your Supplier ID in subject header in the email.

The images should be sent by email to -

Audio Recordings —All recordings must be clear and fully audible. No distortions of sound are allowed. No altering, editing, or any other manipulation of the recording is permitted. All audio must be taken under legal circumstances. Always check at for laws in your state.

  Supplier Identification.  Before the final delivery of the original media will be accepted – we must know who you are.  The following identification information is mandatory.

1. Name
2. Address
3. Phone Number
4. Email Address


 All images, video and audio MUST BE ORIGINAL, UNALTERED and UNPUBLISHED. No enhancements or manipulations by the use of any image software or techniques is permitted. Any violation of this policy will cause termination of the agreement and bar you from being a supplier. Anyone submitting falsified or altered information will be brought up on criminal and civil charges to the fullest extent of the law. They will also be permanently banned as a supplier to the Docugence Company.

Keep copies of all your submitted digital files that are sent to us, as a precautionary measure.

Upon receipt and confirmation by us, of your original digital file(s), you will then be given a “destruction order" to destroy any copies remaining. This must be done within 3 days of notification.

Submission of digital media to the Docugence Company constitutes an acceptance by  the supplier of the above agreement.