The Docugence Company will act as an intermediary and transfer agent between the supplier and the customer. In the case of  "Additional Fee" subjects, without a customer under a yearly contract, we will act as an intermediary between the supplier and the person, institution, organization or agency that we market the evidence to.

This gives protection and anonymity to the supplier. 


The Docugence Company may also be used as an adjunct service to private investigators / firms, security firms, investment firms, law firms, executive head hunters, etc. See "Markets" under the FAQ's menu for more applications of our services. Our services may be used to check for any previously existing evidence pertaining to their subjects. Our evidence goes back up to 7 years giving you a reach back in time.


The Docugence Company has a Runaway Child Search Service for tracking runaway children.

        This service has a one-time fee and is good until the child reaches the age or 21.

        This service is for Runaway Children ONLY !  This is not for missing children.

        $100 of this search fee is donated to various runaway shelters

Other Services:
        We also publish a monthly newsletter and design and build custom surveillance systems.

        Our monthly newsletter covers over 200 subjects contained in our menu section. This is information not usually accessible to the public.

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