About Us

The Docugence Company is a global intelligence services company specializing in the collection and distribution of nonpublic, personal, professional, and business Documented Intelligence (Evidence). We act as a clearinghouse and transfer agent for digital media-based photographic, video and audio evidence covering 10 categories and over 200 subjects.

With millions of cameras operating in the United States, from big cities to small towns, both commercial and private, your chances of having been video recorded or photographed by one is more than likely. Whether it be surveillance, security, or personal cameras, people are out there capturing everything that happens.The use of hidden and camouflaged cameras by companies, professionals and private individuals is now a wide-spread reality.

With over 30 years of experience in the field, we are the largest suppliers of evidence based information.

The Docugence Company works on the “First Come - First Served” basis. You have exclusive rights and ownership to all evidence acquired during your contract year.

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