Notice ! — Canada–Western Europe–Australia -  will be covered by our service on June 12, 2016.
The following are just some of the markets evidence can be used for:

Business / Corporations

    Executive Headhunters / Clients
    Competitive Intelligence Services Companies
    Corporate Security Departments
    Security Companies / Professionals
    Public Relation Firms
    Investment Firms
    Insurance Companies
    Personnel Departments
    Dating Service / Matchmaking  - background checks
    Information Collection Agencies


    Opposition Researchers
    Lobbyist Groups
    Political Action Committees
    Political Advocacy Groups
    Political Campaign Managers


    Lawyers / Law Firms
    General Law Suit Support– Defense / Offense
    Malpractice Suit’s
    Environmental Crime Units
    Personal / Private Law Suit Support


    Private investigators / Firms
    News Media  – Reporters / Journalists / Writers
Private Individuals    

    Child Protection – Nannies / Home care givers / Predators
    Spouses / Partners - Cheating - Marital infidelity
    Dating Service / Matchmaking  - background checks

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