Annual Primary Runaway Children

1 - 5 weekly searches (performed daily) - for the full 52 weeks.
2 - Existing Evidence already in the Network.
3 - Evidence entering the system within the 1 year contract period.
New suppliers can bring in existing inventories of evidence dating back up to 7 years.
4 - All categories and subjects are covered.
5 - Free one year DC report subscription.

The customer has sole legal rights and ownership of this evidence.  Email notification of search results are made on Mondays and Thursdays. This gives us time to verify the information.  Please see "Additional Fees" listing below)

There is a 14 day refund period from date of order - unless evidence has already been turned over to customer.
There is a $125 processing fee charge.
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This search covers any evidence presently in the data system.This does not give you the protection of the 1 year contract. Any evidence that may come into the system after the Primary Search is processed will not be available to you (except through a one year contract) or protected from someone else purchasing it. As suppliers come into the system, they bring their entire inventory of evidence (dating back up to 7 years) into the system. The Primary Search fee is not refundable nor may it be applied to a one year contract. Please see  (Additional Fees listing below)

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It stays in effect until the child is 21 years of age. $100 of this fee is donated to various national runaway shelters.

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Using PayPal will give you up to 6 months to pay for any of our services.

"Additional Pricing" Categories and Subjects

Public Officials / Celebrities -  Fair Market Value - The Docugence Company receives the going "Fair Market Value"  - this is defined as whatever private individuals, organizations, companies, law firms, news media, government agencies, etc., are willing to pay for the evidence on the open market.

   • Rewards / Fines / Penalties – The Docugence Company will charge 30% of  rewards, fines, penalties or recovery fees for this evidence.


A) Insurance Fraud (all types)
B) False Claims Act Violations
C) Environmental Crimes
D) Stolen Antiquities/Relics/Fossils/Art
E) Tax Fraud 

In cases covered by "Additional Pricing", the customer will be given 5 working days to decide whether to purchase the evidence. If  they decline the offer, the Docugence Company then has the right to turn in evidence to collect the rewards, fines or penalties, sell the evidence on the open market, return it to the supplier, or wholesale it off in bulk to information brokers and information collection agencies.

All evidence found is included with the annual and primary contract.

Any evidence under  "additional pricing", not presently under an annual contract by a customer, may be sold by the Docugence Company on the open market or submitted for rewards.

You may bypass the on-line ordering process by copying and filling out the order form and sending it in with a money order or cashiers check to — The Docugence Company, 184 S. Livingston Ave. Suite 9-275, Livingston, NJ. 07039

You may bypass the credit card payment process by using PayPal.

All the evidence will be sent to you on DVD disc's. We strongly suggest the customer make copies of these disks immediately upon receipt, since any back-up copies suppliers have will be destroyed within three days of customers acknowledging receipt of the evidence.
The Docugence Company does not store evidence.

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Notice ! — Canada–Western Europe–Australia -  will be covered by our service on June 12, 2017.