Information Benefits/Uses

Some of the benefits and uses of evidence are listed below:

Prostitution Customers ( Johns) / Marital Infidelity-Cheaters
Corporate security
Job applications / promotions (Child-care / Teachers,etc.
Protection / Support in divorce cases.
Empowerment in child custody law suits.
Dating / Premarital Information

Law Suits / Law             
        • Support for divorce cases
        • Public Nuisance Law Suites
        • Child Endangerment               
        • Quality–of–Life
        • Property Devaluation
        • Interference with Business / Business Losses
        • Indecent Exposure Lawsuit support
        • Protection of children (pedophile exposure)
        • Plea Bargain Information
        • Evidence Gathering
        • Basis for / Support for / Defense of lawsuits
        • Witnesses discreditation

Environmental / Wildlife
Protection of Endangered Species / Environment
Protection of water supplies
Curtail poaching
Help promote Environmental Causes
Environmental Law Suits
Protection of Private Property

Expose cover-ups
Gaining political advantage (opposition research info)
Expose security Issue’s
Medicare / Medicaid fraud ( see Insurance Fraud)
Support False Claims Act violation lawsuits
Whistle Blower Protection

Public Officials
Opposition Research Information
Protect campaign contribution investments
Empower Lobbying / Advocacy position.
Strategic Campaign Information
News Media–support information for news reporters and writers.

Insurance Fraud
Insurance Fraud Recovery
Support for law suits.
Reduce business / organization costs
Evidence Gathering

Protect / Enhance corporate security.
Lawsuit Prevention / Support
Strengthen Negotiating Position
Income Tax Evasion
Protection / Manipulation of stock value
Anti–counterfeiting protection
Business Intelligence

Defective Product Cover-ups
Protection against job loss.
Aid in attaining job position.
Aid in employee background checks.
Competitive Intelligence Information

Antiquities / Relics / Fossils / Treasures / Art
Aid in Recovery
Protect Property / Assets

Health Concerns / Safety
Opposition Research Information (see Public Officials)
Juror Selection information / profiles
Income Tax Evasion - Corporate / Business

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