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Prostitution / Cheaters FAQ's


What are Trappers?
Trappers are people who set crime traps. They will set up a circumstance, such as leaving valuable tools in the back of a parked pickup truck in a parking lot, then leave the truck alone, waiting for someone to steal the tools. The truck is surrounded by other vehicles with hidden cameras or they are mounted in locations that can clearly see the truck and the perpetrator.  Once the theft occurs they have a clear video or sequential series of photographs of the activity.  If this is done by the police it’s called entrapment. 

They also establish the identities of prostitutes customers by first identifying the prostitutes. Once this is done, they can set up surveillance systems to monitor the customers.  This is also done with "Marital Cheaters".  Trappers will often times set up dates with customers of on-line cheater sites (eg., and once these people 's identities are established, the trappers will set up surveillance on these people as well.

Trappers usually work in pairs or groups.

What are “SKUNKS”
Skunks are men or women who date married people to expose them for marital infidelity. They primarily find their targets on adultery websites. Male Skunks also expose the identity of high-end prostitutes. This information is used to expose income tax evasion and fraud with both the prostitute and the customer.

What are "Cheater Boxes"?

“Cheater Boxes” is the name given to motels and hotels where a large percentage of their business is from customers involved in marital infidelity.

 What are "Sweepers" ?

"Sweepers" are people with dashboard mounted cameras, who drive down a street or into parking lots, to document prostitute's customers or people/vehicles at motels/hotels involved in marital infidelity.

Why are there so many subjects under the prostitution category?
There are many areas of prostitution with completely different customer bases with prices ranging from $50 to more than $10,000 an hour for high end pro’s.

Other than street prostitution, most other areas of prostitution specialize in specific markets. There are pro’s who specialize in elected officials and even specialize in either Republicans or Democrats. There are pro’s who specialize in athletes but are sport specific – basketball, football, baseball, etc.There are pro’s and agencies that cater only to the rich. Company pro’s are actual working employee’s of a company but make extra money servicing their coworkers. Corporate pro’s are employee’s who are hired to service the higher management and work corporate parties and other events. Executive pro’s are essentially freelance corporate pro’s. If there aren’t enough corporate staff pro’s to handle an event, the company will bring in executive pro’s to handle the overload.

How is corporate income tax evasion / fraud connected with prostitution?
Many companies, business’s, law firms, etc, write off corporate and executive pro’s as a business expense but list it under a different subject - making it a fraud. Lying on tax forms is a federal offense in every state and a felony in all states that have a state income tax.

Where does the evidence about marital infidelity (cheaters) come from?
Most of the images / video’s come from business / office security camera’s. The bulk of the rest of the info comes as license plate evidence and personal photographs and video gathered at motels / hotels, bed & breakfasts, and from prostitution customers (Johns), who are documenting other Johns.. This is where most people engage in extramarital affairs. The motels and hotels are referred to as “Cheater Boxes, since a varying percentage of their business comes from cheaters. The digital evidence may be gathered by employees of the facilities or suppliers who perform periodic parking lot drive-thru’s (Sweepers) as they document the cars and plate numbers. Sometimes it’s the motel / hotel guests collecting the evidence. There are many other location’s where these events occur and these are covered as well, such as bars, diners and restaurant’s, private clubs, (their not so private), parking lots (yes, parking lots “ you would be surprised at what takes place in cars in parking lots, beaches, parks, etc.

With prostitution customers the evidence may come from suppliers who drive the streets where this activity takes place, imaging the cars and customers as they drive along. There are also cams placed by businesses in the areas for security purposes.

On higher end levels of prostitution where the locations are fixed, hidden surveillance camera’s are used. In the case of call girls, often times the John’s are just lures to expose the women engaged in the activity, and then a partner of the John will gather evidence about the women, such as their true identity, where they live, work, etc. From this point on they can be followed to their future customers. Refer to “Skunks”

On the political side – there are prostitutes who specialize in catering solely to politicians. Many of them catering to one party or the other.

You also have prostitutes specializing in athletes (sport specific) — pro’s specializing in musicians (music genre specific) doctors, lawyers, etc. Many prostitutes on the higher end of the field, specialize in specific groups or professions.

Most prostitutes or madam’s, on the higher level of prostitution, document the John’s identity. This evidence is often used for future protection of the operation or for a “retirement” fund. Often times the evidence will be sold to reporters, lobbyist’s, opposition researchers, etc.

The suppliers may also be private investigators working a pending divorce case. In the process of their investigation they often come upon men cheating on their wives with call girls, brothel employee’s, etc.  This also pertains to women cheating.

A main source of this information also comes from "Trappers". (refer to "Definitions" at the top of this page).

How does your service differ from those adds that claim to catch cheaters ?

Our information is exclusive to The Docugence Company and cannot be obtained any other way.  94-97% of people who are breaking the law or are involved in questionable behavior (prostitution customers / cheaters - political scandal info, etc.) never get caught and are not on public record.

We only use proprietary, court admissible evidence.  Other companies are just giving you public access information. Anyone can obtain this themselves.  That’s why they only charge 95 cents per search.

Medical / Healthcare FAQ's

Where do you get the information about doctors and nurses using drugs?

With higher end drug users, the sellers often document the sale in case they run into legal trouble later on. They can then use the evidence in a plea bargain by offering the information to obtain reduced sentences. Evidence may also be obtained from co-workers trying to drive the specific doctor out of a hospital or medical practice. Another source are Trappers. (refer to "Definitions" at the top of this page.)

Where do you get evidence about hospital cover-ups , insurance fraud, etc.

It comes from the same sources as above. We may obtain evidence from patients as well.

What are Runners / Capper’s?
Capper’s are people who recruit patients for doctors and / or medical facilities and receive a commission for their work. This is an illegal practice. 

Evidence / Security

Is the evidence court admissible?
Yes. The vast majority of our evidence is court admissible. Any evidence that isn't may be used for decision making, background checks and
pre-investigative purposes.

How do you protect the identity of your customers?
All personal and financial information in Docugence computers, pertaining to our customers, is removed immediately after any transaction is completed. It is then placed into archival disc storage for the remainder of the one year contract period. If the contract is not renewed by the end of the one year period – the archival disc’s are physically destroyed by a grinding process.

How do you protect Email communications?
All Email communications are stored off-line and is only entered into the computer system, if necessary, immediately before communications with customers, and removed after communications are completed.

Only communication computers are connected to the Internet.

Where do you get your evidence on elected and appointed officials from?
We’ll accept evidence from a wide variety of sources. Opposition researchers, political staff members, political opponents, brothel owners / employees, call girl service owners / employees, private investigators, independent news reporters / news gatherers, (staff and freelance), whistleblowers, private individuals, hotel / motel employee’s, business owners, etc. The Docugence Company may be used by political parties or opponents as a buffer between themselves and the exposure of the evidence.

Do you collect and distribute evidence on celebrities?
Yes, Much of the evidence about celebrities is left out of the tabloids, television shows, and internet websites. It’s often dealt with privately and out of the public view and mainstream media.

How is the digital evidence in your databank protected?
The actual databases are maintained by the suppliers and are not connected to the internet. Their isn’t any central data bank computer system. This prevents the possibility of anyone hacking into the data bank. Since their isn’t any central data bank computer system and the suppliers own the evidence until the Docugence Company requests it, no one can access the evidence by hacking or by trying to physically gain access to the data bank or even by a court order. Upon notification by a supplier that the information is available, the Docugence Company then transfers it to the customer.

Who owns the evidence?  
All evidence belongs to the customer. Any evidence that is gathered during the one year contract period becomes the exclusive property of the customer. All backup copies are destroyed within 3 days of receipt by the customer. We strongly urge the customer to make backup copies immediately.

How does the customer receive the evidence? 
Upon notification by the Docugence Company that the evidence is available, we will send the customer a DVD containing the evidence. We will request a delivery address, by the customer, as to where they want the disc delivered.

What about the evidence you charge Additional Fee’s for?
If the evidence is already under contract by a customer, they are entitled to that evidence, provided they agree to pay the “additional fee” price.  They have 5 working day’s from the time they are informed about the evidence to buy it, otherwise the Docugence Company then has the right sell the evidence on the open market.

What are the benefit’s of being a customer?
We work on the “ First Come—First Served” basis. One major benefit of being a customer is you have exclusive rights to the evidence. Being a customer of our service entitles that person to exclusive rights and ownership to the evidence they contracted for that we receive during the one year contract period.   Anyone else seeking evidence about the same person, company, organization, etc., during this period will be denied. You also have all the benefits the evidence provides. See benefits section.

What happens to the evidence that isn’t sold?
The Docugence Company may market the evidence to private individuals, organizations, news media, companies, etc. The evidence may also be submitted to government agencies for reward money. (e.g. – illegal dumping fines, Medicare / Medicaid fraud, income tax evasion, etc.) We may also take legal action on activities that come under the federal False Claims Act (also known as the “Lincoln Law”).

Customers have exclusive rights and ownership to evidence they receive within the one year contract period. Any evidence that comes under the “additional fee” category is offered to the customer for the additional fee charge. They have 5 working days to accept the offer otherwise the Docugence Company has the right to sell the evidence on the open market.

This is only for “Additional Fee” evidence. All other evidence is covered by the Annual Contract Price or Primary Search Fee.

Some of the evidence may be used for our monthly “Docugence Report” which covers a wide variety of subjects.

Political scandal evidence may be sold to opposition researchers, lobbyist’s, political activist / advocacy groups, news agencies, etc.

Any evidence not sold on the open market may be sold in bulk or remain in the possession of the suppliers. Some of it may be sold to information brokers and information collection agencies.. This evidence may be used for lawsuits and other uses the purchaser may have. Did you know you can sue the customers of prostitutes (john’s), even if their not arrested?  They may be sued for “Quality of Life” issues, public nuisance charges,causing property devaluation, child endangerment, indecent exposure, etc.).

How recent are the images?
We will accept images dating back up to 7 years. The two exception’s to this are child pornography and documented pedophiles. We don’t have time limit on these subject’s. Suppliers may have images stored in long term inventory. Once they become suppliers to the Docugence Company we can use these older images for distribution or sale. Furthermore, the Statute of Limitation’s on most crimes runs out after 7 years, rendering many of the images less valuable.

Suppliers FAQ's

Who can become a supplier?
Anyone with a camera or access to security / surveillance camera images can become a supplier. If someone can capture legally obtainable digital photographs, digital video or audio of an event, the evidence can be sold by the Docugence Company.  See Supplier’s page. You can be a one time supplier or regular contributor. If you have a smart phone or any other photo device, why not make some money with it. For more information -please refer to the sub-menu -Suppliers- located under the About Us menu.

How much do suppliers get paid for their evidence?
The Docugence Company splits the fee’s 50 / 50. The suppliers receive half of our annual contract fee. For “Additional Fee” items, the supplier splits the rewards, fines or recovery.  Please refer to the Supplier Page under the the FAQ’s sub-menu located under the main menu - About Us.

Does the Docugence Company pay commissions for referrals of new customers?
Yes - we pay $250 for every new customer referred to us for 1 year contracts and $100 for primary searches.

What are micro submarine cams and what are they used for?
Micro-subs are just what they sound like — small submarines that have a camera mounted inside. Their remote control (RC) devices used primarily to document environmental crimes that take place in water environments, such as lakes, rivers, ponds, etc. They are usually custom made for this purpose.

Do your suppliers ever use RC aircraft to gather images? 
Remote Control (RC) flying vehicle’s may be used to obtain certain images when it’s the only practical manner to obtain them.
RC ground and water vehicles are also used to get imagery of an event or subject.

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